When the clock is ticking...

...we understand what you're up against

Our story

We’re an owner managed business and have had first hand experience of the challenges facing professionals in your industry. We boast a proven track record in media, public affairs and communications at a global level as well as hybrid working and remote team management. This is coupled with expertise in high-tech product development.

Your solution

When we created and built teamsherpa®, our focus was to build a collaborative, yet simple tool. We know where you are now. Which is why we have continually refined teamsherpa® capability - enabling it to sit comfortably within your organisation’s infrastructure.

Since we understand your industry, its challenges and complexities, teamsherpa® will be loved by teams and appreciated by stakeholders. 

The learning curve is short - it is intuitive, easy to use and above all, makes life easier.

Meet the team

Les Huett

Founder and CEO Les has a 25+ years background in the high tech world as a senior product manager with international experience in taking a product from the "light bulb" moment through to launch and general market availability. 

He's passionate about the Customer Journey and the impact this has when developing new services and applies these skills with all the organisations he works with.