an intuitive way to manage information

simple modular architecture

customised for client management

'I need a cloud hosted online tool which manages multiple sources of information, with a great client interface…'

We hear this time and time again and understand the challenges people who work within agencies and professional services are facing today. Client facing companies need to be confident that, at all times, they’re referring to the most current information.

Without it, clients could potentially lose faith in the service being provided and it could put pressure on your client working relationship.

Clear, simple and easy to navigate, teamsherpa® is your ‘online bubble’ helping you manage information, communication and documentation in real time. 

The platform provides full history and audit trails relating to document management. And if you and your clients need it - in app messaging, CRM, email marketing, project management and diary management functionality. 

a day-to-day dynamic app

teamsherpa® brings technical and human interfaces together into one, cohesive, day to day dynamic app which renders a seamless experience. 

The beauty of teamsherpa® is its simplicity. Since it is so intuitive, it caters for any level of user capability (whether that is the end user or an administrator) and is the glue that underpins your account management. 

For the security-conscious, teamsherpa® comes with full encryption capability and 2-factor authentication. In terms of rolling out updates, this is automatic and included in the setup fee.

bespoke setup

Supported on Android, Apple and desktop, our services are cloud based.

The platform is accessed via a browser and each client is set up with a unique instance - at no time are you sharing resources with others. We incorporate your domain into the service as a subdomain.

teamsherpa® means you never have to consider another app for add-ons. You can, at a later date, add further functionality if you decide more is needed.

Right from the outset, our aim is to work and guide you through the most ideal setup for you and your clients.

cost guide

Since each teamsherpa® is custom built, we quote based on the scope of the project. There is a one-off initial fee to build and thereafter, there is a minimum 12 month service contract*, payable monthly.

bespoke setup

from £5,000 ex VAT

monthly service fee

from £500 ex VAT

* a three month cancellation period applies.

personalised portal

With the teamsherpa® service your clients and team will access your portal via your custom URL with a personalised login screen. Your clients and team may also install a mobile app on their phone/tablet and always be in touch, even on the go. 

  • Portal can be setup on your URL. (e.g.
  • Mobile app is included
  • Fully branded Login Page
  • 'Magic Link' log in for those clients who may not be so good with passwords.
Desktop access

Desktop access
Mobile app access

Mobile app access